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Projection Alarm Clock Displays the Time and Indoor/Outdoor Temperature on the Ceiling Above Your Bed.

When you wake up, just tap the snooze bar and you'll see the time projected on your ceiling. Tap once more for the outdoor temperature, and again for the indoor temperature, all in large, bright, clear and readable text above your head. The backlit LCD display on the clock also gives you day and date in addition to time and indoor/outdoor temperature.

You'll never have to set the time on this clock! Radio controlled time settings from the atomic reference clock are automatically updated every day. Accurate temperatures in celsius or fahrenheit are sent to the Projection Alarm Clock from its Thermometer Sensor Unit. Outdoor temperature is measured with an external temperature probe, which is connected by wire to the indoor Thermometer Sensor Unit.

The Projection Alarm Clock also has an 8 minute snooze bar, manual setting option, an adjustable focus, tilt and 180º rotation for the projection display, and a 12/24 hour time display option. Clock operates on AC Adaptor (included) or 2 "AA" Batteries (sold below)

Thermometer Sensor requires 2 "AA" Batteries (sold below). Transmitter range (to clock) is 100 feet in a clear setting.

Projection Clock and Wireless Thermometer Set
CQ789Regular price: $69.95Sale price: $57.95

2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries for Projection Clock2 "AA" Alkaline Batteries for Projection Clock

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