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Protect Bedding with Reusable Underpads.

Protect your bedding and yourself with our soft Reusable Underpads. Each pad is quilted with a three-layer cloth construction that will not bunch, ball, or slip. The bottom layer is 100% waterproof, with a special non-absorbent binding that helps to keep edges dry. Machine wash and dry. Available in 3 sizes. Tuckable size has 18" tuck-in flaps for securing pad to mattress. When ordering, please specify size. 1 per pkg.

Reusable Underpad, Small 23" x 36"Reusable Underpad, Small 23" x 36"1 per pkg.

SL199 Sm$26.95
Reusable Underpad, Medium 32" x 36"Reusable Underpad, Medium 32" x 36"1 per pkg.

SL199 Med$32.95
Reusable Underpad, Tuckable 32" x 36"Reusable Underpad, Tuckable 32" x 36"1 per pkg.

SL199 Tuck$37.95

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