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Romet Electronic Larynx Speech Aid with Permanent Battery

The Romet TR4900 with Permanent Lithium-Ion Battery. DISCONTINUED. NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Item #: TR4900
Romet Electronic Larynx Speech Aid with Permanent Battery
Price: $520.00
This item is currently out of stock!
Redefining electrolarynx technology, The Romet TR4900 Electro Larynx Speech Aid with permanent Lithium-Ion battery recharges on a Wireless Charging Pad. It will never need another battery. The Romet TR4900 fully charges in only three hours for a full 8 hours of constant usage.

Small, lightweight and easy to use, the Romet TR4900 delivers quality, natural sound. Two external adjustable Control Wheels provide full range Pitch and Volume Control ó no tools or internal access required.

Each Kit Includes: One Romet TR4900 Electronic Larynx with built-in permanent Lithium rechargeable battery, Wireless Charging Pad and plug in Power Supply, Intra-Oral Adapter with 5 Oral Connector tubes (straws), high-intensity Stoma Inspection Light, and Lanyard (neck cord/carry strap). 3-Year Warranty.

IMPORTANT Information Regarding Romet Speech Aids and Lithium Batteries. Due to increasing safety concerns, 2014 IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations prohibit the international air shipment of Lithium Batteries. Because all Romet devices contain Lithium batteries, we are no longer able to ship them outside of the USA.

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