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Saljet Sterile Saline Rinse

"Saline Bullet" Rinse for Convenient, Easy to Use, Sterile Saline Whenever You Need it ó Just Twist Off the Top and it's Ready for Use!

Item #: WL8815
Saljet Sterile Saline Rinse
Price: $15.99
With Saljet Rinse, you can have easy to use sterile saline anytime you need, whether at home or on the road. No prescription required! Just twist off the top and squeeze 30ml of sterile saline directly to the area you need to clean. Saljet® produces a continuous stream of saline at a pressure of 4-8 psi, or drop-by-drop dispensing by squeezing with less pressure.

Easy to use and easy to carry, Saljet Sterile Saline Rinse is packaged in four "saline bullet" vials per tear-off strip, three strips per box. Its polymer vial and tab can be safely recycled. Because Saljet® vials cannot be recapped, sterility is assured at each use. The potential for bacterial contamination from reused saline containers is eliminated.

Package of 12 30ml (1.0 fluid ounce) dispenser vials of sterile saline solution (0.9%) in purified water. Saljet Sterile Saline Rinse is preservative free and has no buffering agents.
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