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Shoe Dryer

Protect Your Investment In Shoes And Your Feet.

Item #: NS24
Shoe Dryer
Price: $49.95Sale price: $29.95
A dry shoe is a better shoe all around. Cold, damp, or musty footwear feels awful, has an unpleasant smell, and is unhealthy to wear. But the Shoe Dryer can easily remedy these problems without doing damage, and get rid of mildew and odors, too.

Insert the flexible drying hoses into footwear right down to the toes, then attach and plug in the adapter to drive the fan located at the top. Unheated air will circulate through the tubes into boots, sports and dress shoes, to dry and deodorize, without harming them. You cannot over-heat or over-dry. Neater and more versatile than rubbers to pack for trips, too. 110-120 volt, U.S., UL Approved. Includes one 1 oz. bottle of deodorizer for items requiring special attention.
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