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SolaTone Electrolarynx Is the Ideal Spare or Emergency Speech Aid.

Also known as an artificial larynx or electro-larynx, the SolaTone single button device is the ideal spare or emergency speech aid. SolaTone uses 9 volt rechargeable NiMh, NiCad or disposable alkaline batteries.

Complete Kit includes 2 rechargeable NiMh batteries, battery charger, adjustment screwdriver, and oral adapter with oral connector "straws". 1 yr. warranty.

SolaTone Electrolarynx Speech Aid
TR9118Regular price: $550.00Sale price: $529.95

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SolaTone High Capacity Rechargeable 9 volt NiMh BatterySolaTone High Capacity Rechargeable 9 volt NiMh Battery230 mAh capacity. Color of battery may not be as shown.

Dual Charger for 9 volt NiMh / NiCad / Li-Ion BatteriesDual Charger for 9 volt NiMh / NiCad / Li-Ion BatteriesFor use with Xtra-Vois, Nu-Vois III, TruTone, SolaTone and OptiVox. Compact and lightweight, unit plugs directly into wall outlet. 110 voltage only. Batteries not included.

TR94Regular price: $27.95Sale price: $15.95
SolaTone 9 volt Alkaline BatteriesSolaTone 9 volt Alkaline Batteries 2/pkg.

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Oral ConnectorOral ConnectorAllows a speech aid to be used immediately after the laryngectomy, during periods of radiation treatment, or when the throat is still too sensitive or swollen to use the speech aid alone. The Connector attaches to the cap of the speech aid and uses either a short or long tube that is placed in the mouth between the upper teeth and the cheek. Includes one adaptor cap, two short flexible tubes and two long rigid tubes. Works with Servox, TruTone and SolaTone speech aids.

ADDvox Snap-On Battery CapsADDvox Snap-On Battery CapsFor 9 Volt Batteries ADDvox™ Snap-On Battery Caps cover and protect the contacts on 9v batteries to prevent accidental power discharge. They work with either high-capacity rechargeable Lithium batteries or regular disposable alkaline batteries. 12 Snap-On Battery Caps per package, (battery not included).

ADDvox Snap-On Battery Caps
ADDvox Spare Battery CaseADDvox Spare Battery CaseFor 9 Volt or "AA" Batteries ADDvox™ Spare Battery Case protects the contacts on 9v batteries to prevent accidental power discharge. Works with high-capacity rechargeable Lithium batteries and regular disposable 9v or "AA" alkaline batteries. 2 battery cases, (batteries not included).

ADDvox Spare Battery Case

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