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ADDvox Silicone Stoma Shower Shield Keeps your Airway Free by Shielding your Stoma from Water When You Shower.

Now you can shower or wash your hair in safety and comfort.

The one-piece ADDvox™ Silicone Shower Shield will keep your airway free from water. Extremely soft and pliable, it creates a soft, comfortable and conforming seal along the irregular contours of your neck, shielding your stoma, while vents on the underside allow airflow.

Made from medical grade silicone, the ADDvox™ Silicone Shower Shield is not affected by temperature, ozone, sunlight, soap or detergents and is more comfortable, more durable, and safer than other products made of allergy causing latex, nylon or vinyl.

The ADDvox™ Silicone Shower Shield is the only shower protector guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

ADDvox™ Silicone Shower Shield
TR9916Regular price: $57.00Sale price: $43.95
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