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Super Ear

Don't Miss a Sound with Super Ear.

Item #: SX4000X
Super Ear
Price: $39.95
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This personal sound amplifying accessory will enable you to hear every note, word and sound without straining. Small enough to clip to your shirt pocket or mount on your binoculars, Super Ear is a high-tech multiple element microphone that brings you crisp, clear sound. Mounted in an acoustically engineered sound boom that swivels 180 degrees for optimum versatility, Super Ear even picks up bird calls 100 yards away.

Attach it to your binoculars with the included mounting clip and you'll add the dimension of sound to your observation of nature and sports events. Take Super Ear camping or hiking; use it at concerts and lectures; or attach it to your audio or video recorder. "AAA" battery and headphones are included. One year warranty.
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