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ThermoSkin Gloves

ThermoSkin Gloves Use Your Body's Own Natural Heat To Fight Arthritis Pain.

Item #: UP8199
ThermoSkin Gloves
Price: $29.95
The unique ThermoSkin glove works two ways: it provides pain-relieving warmth to arthritic hands by capturing the body's own heat, and offers light, comfortable support, to relieve tissue swelling. Worn at night, it can help you get a good night's sleep; during the day, it can increase your dexterity.

The inner layer is a special fabric called Trioxon which allows your skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry. The middle layer is a rubberized material that provides light compression. The outer layer offers additional grip strength for everyday activities.

1 Pair. For the correct size, choose a size from the pull-down menu based on the measurement of the circumference of your hand just below the fingers at the knuckle.

Note: Size Small (7 to 7-3/4 in.) is sold out, and is no longer available.
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