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Uro-Bond III Brush-On Silicone Skin Adhesive

Uro-Bond III Brush-On Silicone Skin Adhesive Let's You Brush Adhesive Just Where You Need It ó No Messy Sprays Which Get Adhesive Everywhere!

Item #: UR500003
Uro-Bond III Brush-On Silicone Skin Adhesive
Price: $75.95
Great for securing male external catheters, colostomy, ileostomy and tracheostomy appliances, attaching electrodes, affixing theatrical cosmetics, prosthetic devices, etc. Uro-Bond III's long-lasting adhesive properties are unaffected by normal temperature variations or moisture.

Uro-Bond III brush-on silicone adhesive is a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive specifically formulated for unique bonding applications. It adheres to skin, metal, glass, paper, fabric, plastic, silicone and organic rubber products. Removes easily with rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover wipes or solution. Moisture, perspiration and urine resistant. Excellent for penile retractions. Latex free, 3 oz. bottle with brush attached to cap.
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