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UV Sensor

Never Guess About Your Sun Exposure Again. The UV Sensor Will Measure UV Intensity and Calculate the Exposure Time for Your Individual Skin Sensitivity.

Item #: CQ913
UV Sensor
Price: $36.95
Monitor the harmful rays from the sun that lead to sunburn, skin cancer, or other related ailments. The UV Sensor measures the intensity of Ultra Violet rays in sunlight, and then calculates the amount of recommended exposure time for you based on that measurement, plus data you enter for your skin type and the level of SPF in the suntan lotion or sunblock you use. Your recommended exposure time will also be automatically adjusted for the time of day. When you've had enough sun, the UV Sensor's count-down timer will let you know with a loud beep.

A must for children, the outdoor enthusiast, and those with sensitive skin! Takes the guesswork out of sunbathing or outdoor activities. Wear around your neck or place next to you in the sun. Battery included.
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