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Vapor-Eze "On-The-Go" Auto Diffuser Air Freshener

Finally, Mobile Aromatherapy That Is Safe, Effective and Easy To Use: The Vapor-Eze "On-The-Go" Auto Diffuser Air Freshener!

Item #: JP2070
Vapor-Eze "On-The-Go" Auto Diffuser Air Freshener
Price: $12.95
The Vapor-Eze "On-The-Go" Auto Diffuser Air Freshener uses modern, heat activated technology to provide soothing, natural vapors from your favorite essential oils while you drive. The Vapor-Eze "On-The-Go" Auto Diffuser, a modern version of the classic car air freshener, is completely silent and uses very little electricity. The diffuser comes with six "ready to use" refill pads in both the Menthol Eucalyptus and Alertness blends. Each pad will last from six to ten hours, depending on which output setting is selected: Low, Medium or High. There's no mess: the pre-filled pads are easy to use and partially used refill pads can be returned to their resealable pouches for use at a later time. It will not overheat or burn out ó it never gets too hot to hold in your hand.

The Menthol Eucalyptus blend is best used for relief from sinus problems, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and congestion due to coughs and colds.

The Alertness blend of peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus has been carefully formulated to sharpen concentration and promote clear thinking. Great for long trips.

Simply place a refill pad into the adjustable drawer and plug the Vapor-Eze Auto Diffuser into the 12v DC auto accessory port or cigarette lighter in your vehicle. The red indicator light lets you know it's working. Completely silent, the Vapor-Eze Auto Diffuser will not interrupt the radio or conversation while you drive. Finally... mobile aromatherapy that is safe, effective and easy to use!

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