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Rapid Ice Super Cold Ice Jacket

Rapid Ice, a Super Cold Ice Jacket for Wine, Champagne, Beer, or Soda.

Item #: VC350
Rapid Ice Super Cold Ice Jacket
Price: $22.95
The amazing new Rapid Ice will quickly chill your drinks in 3 to 5 minutes and keep them cold for hours. Its secret? A multi-layered foil coated sleeve containing a special gel, which "charges" in the freezer and becomes super cold, but remains flexible. Once slipped over the wine bottle or beverage can, the Rapid Ice Super Cold Ice Jacket forms a seal, chilling liquids in minutes. Ideal for the home, the patio, and the beach. It's reusable and unbreakable! Folds flat for storing in the freezer. Please specify Wine (2/pkg) or Champagne (1/pkg).

NOTE: The Rapid Ice Beverage Cooler is no longer available.
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