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Handsome Stainless Dinner Utensils Are Specially Weighted To Combat Hand Tremors.

This set is so attractive, no one will guess the utensils are weighted to help reduce the effects of tremors of the hand. Those with Parkinson's Disease, Ataxia, or another tremor causing illness will be able to eat more easily. A slight indentation on the handles places fingers in a comfortable position. The soup spoon has a recessed edge and deeper bowl, to help prevent spills.

Each solid handle utensil weighs approximately 7.3 ounces. Weighted Utensils are polished stainless steel and safe for home and commercial dishwashers. Specify fork, knife, teaspoon, or soup spoon when ordering, or save when you order the complete set.

Weighted Utensils
Individual Utensils: 

Set of 4 Weighted UtensilsSet of 4 Weighted UtensilsSet includes weighted Fork, Knife, Teaspoon, and Soup Spoon. Save $4.95 when you order the set!


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