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Xtra-Vois™ Speech Aid: a Reliable, High-Quality Alternative to Expensive Kits.

Never before has such a high-quality speech aid been offered at such a low price! Save at least $263.05 over the cost of a complete Servox kit.

Extremely durable and reliable, the Xtra-Vois (pronounced Extra-Voice) speech aid uses one button activation, easy pitch adjustment, and a volume control wheel to deliver excellent sound quality. Powered by either a regular 9v alkaline or rechargeable NiMH battery, Xtra-Vois (or ExtraVoice) uses high tech circuitry to deliver a rich, clear sound and offers the utmost in convenience and ease of use.

With its long lasting 9v battery, Xtra-Vois is capable of producing higher volume than devices that use only 7.2v or 1.5v AA batteries; this enables you to have a comfortable conversation in a crowded room or noisy restaurant.

Primarily designed for regular daily use, this lightweight "extra voice" is also the ideal standby device for those who want to use it as a spare or back-up unit readily available. At only 4.9 oz. (with battery), it's almost 15 percent lighter than a Servox. Since it also runs on disposable 9v batteries, no battery charging is required: the Xtra-Vois is always ready to go. Compact and very lightweight, Xtra-Vois fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and has a detachable neck cord. One year warranty.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If you are not 100% satisfied with the performance of your Xtra-Vois, simply return it within 60 days for a complete refund.

You can rely on Xtra-Vois to be your dependable "extra voice".

Xtra-Vois (Extra Voice) Plus ElectrolarynxXtra-Vois (Extra Voice) Plus ElectrolarynxFor regular daily use. Includes one high capacity 9v NiMH Rechargeable Battery, an ultra compact 110v NiMH Charger, and also two high capacity disposable 9v alkaline batteries (not rechargeable). See link below for optional 110v/220v Super Fast Smart Charger.

TR9399-PLRegular price: $550.00Sale price: $464.95
Xtra-Vois (Extra Voice) BasicXtra-Vois (Extra Voice) BasicPackaged as a standby or spare device. Includes two high capacity 9v alkaline batteries (not rechargeable). See below for Chargers and Batteries.

TR9399Regular price: $520.00Sale price: $434.95
Xtra-Vois (Extra Voice) High Capacity Rechargeable 9 volt NiMh BatteryXtra-Vois (Extra Voice) High Capacity Rechargeable 9 volt NiMh Battery230 mAh capacity. Color of battery may not be as shown.

Xtra-Vois (Extra Voice) 9 volt Alkaline BatteriesXtra-Vois (Extra Voice) 9 volt Alkaline Batteries2/pkg.

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Oral ConnectorOral ConnectorAllows a speech aid to be used immediately after the laryngectomy, during periods of radiation treatment, or when the throat is still too sensitive or swollen to use the speech aid alone. The Connector attaches to the cap of the speech aid and uses a long tube that is placed in the mouth between the upper teeth and the cheek. Includes one adaptor cap, and two long rigid tubes. Made of rubber polymer.

Works with Servox, TruTone, SolaTone, Nu-Vois, and Xtra-Vois speech aids. Does not work with the Blom-Singer electrolarynx.

Oral Connector

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