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YakTrax Pro Ice Treads

Now You Can Walk -- or Even Run -- on Packed Snow or Ice with Instant, Sure-Footed Confidence!

Item #: YK826
YakTrax Pro Ice Treads
Price: $27.95
Avoid the risk of falls or injuries! Just slip these lightweight traction devices over your regular shoes or boots and you'll have amazing stability on slick ice and hard-packed snow. The SkidLock coil system creates a solid grip under your feet as the metal coils press downward becoming embedded in the ice with each step. YakTrax Pro Ice Treads provide you with stability in all directions: forward, backward and side-to-side.

YakTrax are available in 2 models: the YakTrax Pro (shown above) and the YakTrax Walker (sold separately below).

The YakTrax Pro is designed specifically for those working outside in the winter months, for avid joggers and walkers, and for the winter sports enthusiast. Durable, flexible and compact. Made of a natural rubber blend elastomer, with a performance strap to keep YakTrax in place during rapid or extensive movement.

The YakTrax Walker is designed for less intensive winter use that doesn't require the performance strap, and is made of injection molded thermal plastic elastomer rather than the natural rubber/elastomer blend of the Pro.

Worn at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City by more than 1,000 employees and recommended by the National Health and Wellness Club and the Handyman Club of America, both models can be used in temperatures as low as minus 41 degrees Fahrenheit! They will not tear or rip -- even under extreme use. YakTrax Pro Ice Treads quickly pull on and off with an easy-to-grip heel tab. Spikeless and ultralight, with SkidLock coils that will not harm your carpet or most flooring materials.

Don't stay in during the winter months! For greater stability on ice and snow, choose the YakTrax Pro or Walker.

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