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Cordless Clarity Phone

Hear What You've Been Missing! First Cordless Phone for People with Hearing Loss, Uses Advanced Technology to Clear Up Sound, Not Just Amplify It.

Item #: UN90
Cordless Clarity Phone
Price: $149.95Sale price: $79.95
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Are you chatting less with family and friends, because you are unable to hear them clearly? Clarity phones are the answer! At the touch of a button, Clarity Power technology boosts the high-frequency sounds (such as "sh" and "ch") that people with hearing loss have the most trouble understanding. And, at the same time, they boost normal phone levels up to as much as 33 decibels.

When you hang up, the phone automatically resets itself to normal volume for the next user. Large, easy-to-read buttons, loud ringer and a visual ringer in the base help to make this Cordless Clarity Phone especially "user-friendly". Don't let hearing loss keep you out of touch, now you can talk all you want, without anyone having to shout. The Cordless Clarity Phone is 900 Mhz for greater range.
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