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Clarity PhoneClarity Phone
Clarity® Phone Makes Words Sound Clearer, Not Just Louder!
Item #: UN1000
Price: $109.95
Cordless Clarity PhoneCordless Clarity Phone
Hear What You've Been Missing! First Cordless Phone for People with Hearing Loss, Uses Advanced Technology to Clear Up Sound, Not Just Amplify It.
Item #: UN90
Price: $149.95Sale price: $79.95
This item is currently out of stock!
Clarity Phone AmplifierClarity Phone Amplifier
Clarity™ Phone Amplifier Makes Words Clearer, Not Just Louder!
Item #: UN105
Price: $29.95
Clarity Dialogue PhoneClarity Dialogue Phone
The New Clarity Dialogue Phone Amplifies And Clarifies The Voices Of Both Callers, Incoming And Outgoing!
Item #: UN30
Price: $119.95
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