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Clarity Dialogue Phone

The New Clarity Dialogue Phone Amplifies And Clarifies The Voices Of Both Callers, Incoming And Outgoing!

Item #: UN30
Clarity Dialogue Phone
Price: $119.95
Are you chatting less with family and friends, because you are unable to hear them clearly? The Clarity Dialogue Phone is the answer! At the touch of a button, Clarity Power technology boosts the high-frequency sounds (such as "sh" and "ch") that people with hearing loss have the most trouble understanding.

The Clarity Dialogue Phone has an advanced electronic circuit design to make every word clearer and easier to understand. It not only increases the incoming voice by 50 decibels, it also increases your outgoing voice by up to 15 db. The XL-40D is hearing aid compatible, has an extra loud ringer and a large, bright visual ring indicator to make sure that you'll never miss another call again!

Clarity Dialogue Phone has 12 memory dialing buttons, plus Hold, Redial, and Flash buttons. Extra large buttons insure optimum visibility and dialing ease. It's desk/wall mountable and has a 1 year warranty. Don't let hearing loss keep you out of touch -- with a Clarity XL-40D phone you can talk all you want, without anyone having to shout.
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