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Posture S'port With Magnetic Therapy.

The use of magnetic therapy to alleviate pain was known to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. In recent years, it has become a more widely accepted component of alternative treatments. But how does it work? During the day, the sun emits a positive magnetic force, but at night, the Earth's negative magnetic force is stronger, increasing cellular oxygen, encouraging restorative sleep, supporting biological healing, reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Ceramic magnets produce similar effects by duplicating and enhancing this negative magnetic field. The magnets themselves do not do the healing. Rather, the energy produced by the magnets provides the body with the necessary ingredients it needs to heal itself.

Traditional treatments for aches and pains from muscle spasms, arthritis or stress have included braces, hot/cold therapy, or anti-inflammatory drugs. Proper use of magnetic therapy has helped millions of people to alleviate ailments without drugs, and without expensive visits to the doctor. Although results will vary, often significant pain relief has been observed in less than 30 minutes after placement of magnets on the affected area.

When you sit or stand straight, you look better and you feel better. Easy-to-use, comfortable-to-wear Posture S'port is unique: both models anchor around your waist to not only discourage stooped shoulders and general slumping, but also assist in proper alignment of your entire spine. Criss-crossed elastic straps gently pull your shoulders, spine and lower back into a neutral position, relieving the nagging back and shoulder pain which can be caused by long hours on your feet or in front of a computer with poor posture. May be worn under or over clothing. Deluxe style has 900 Gauss ceramic magnets positioned over the shoulder blades. Specify waist size when ordering. Also available without magnets.

Caution: Do not use magnetic therapy if you are wearing a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.

NOTE: The Medium and Large sizes of the Magnetic Posture S'port have been discontinued by the manufacturer and are no longer available.

Magnetic Posture S'port
Waist Size: 

Regular Posture S'portRegular Posture S'port(Non-magnetic). Available only in Medium and Large.

Regular Posture S'port
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